Quality, food safety, environment and health and safety policy


The purpose of Bartex Bartol's activity is the production, packaging and sale of own-produced wines, imported products, spirits and alcoholic beverages. The company also produces seasonal dried vegetables.

Quality, food safety, environment and health and safety policy

The Company's policy is to ensure customer satisfaction through the highest quality of manufactured products, ensuring their authenticity, and ensuring health safety for consumers. The activities are carried out taking into account the care for health and safety at work, environmental protection, continuous prevention of pollution and threats, and compliance with the permits and decisions issued by the supervisory bodies in the scope of the conducted activity.

The assumptions of the QUALITY, FOOD SAFETY, ENVIRONMENT AND OHS POLICY are implemented through continuous improvement of the implemented integrated management system.

The company exercises continuous supervision over the quality of its products and services by introducing risk assessment, ongoing monitoring and assessment of the effects of the activities carried out, employee training in relation to, inter alia, to staff ethics, and to taking effective corrective and preventive actions.

The company is constantly developing and systematically expanding its range to meet the high demands of the market and the sophisticated tastes of its customers.

Goals of Bartex Bartol Spółka z o.o. Limited partnership

We implement the POLICY OF QUALITY, FOOD SAFETY, ENVIRONMENT AND OHS in our company by defining strategic goals and the resulting operational goals.

Strategic objectives

Operational goals implemented in processes

1. The presence of products on the market

1.1. Striving for the maximum maintenance of the sales position on the market
- in retail chains
- in domestic trade and distribution
- searching for niche products and knowledge of the market in this segment

1.2. Implementation of process measures

2. Reducing the probability of the occurrence of threats which reduce the quality of our products. Improvement of occupational health and safety, as well as resources and means necessary for the effective functioning of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

2.1. Improving existing infrastructure
2.2. Ensuring appropriate health and safety conditions in the modernization of equipment
2.3. Implementation of process measures

3. The lowest possible impact on the natural environment in the process of product and service implementation, taking into account the scope of the Organization's activities and its context

3.1. Reduction of electricity consumption
3.2. Reduction of thermal energy consumption
3.3. Reduction in paper and toner consumption
3.4. Fulfillment of obligations specified in decisions
3.5. Reduction in the amount of solid waste

4. Meeting the specific requirements of customers in the field of ecological products

4.1. Obtaining a positive certificate result.

Our quality policy has been formulated with the direct participation of the management, which ensures its understanding and adaptation to the appropriate levels of the organization.

Management declaration

On behalf of the entire staff and myself, I declare the implementation of the quality policy objectives, continuous improvement, development and increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the Integrated Management System in accordance with the requirements of the standards: PN-EN ISO 14001: 2015, PN-ISO 45001: 2018, BRC in VII and IFS in V1.1

We also undertake to meet legal requirements and other binding obligations regarding health and safety and environmental protection, and environmental aspects in the area of ​​the Company's operations.

We also undertake to consult and cooperate with employees in the field of health and safety, eliminate hazards and reduce health and safety risks, and ensure safe and hygienic working conditions in order to prevent work-related injuries and health ailments.
The commitment is appropriate to the goals, size and context of the organization and the health and safety risks.

04-08-2020, Vice President of the Management Board Maria Bartol

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